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Tidal Bot is a custom bot for Discord made in Java that uses the Java Discord API. Tidal Bot includes a built in music bot as well as a basic chat bot. The bot can be configured to best fit the server it's connected to. It also includes a wide range of entertainment and utility commands as well as custom commands.

Key Features
  • Music Bot
  • Chat Bot
  • Bot Configuration
  • Entertainment Commands
  • Utility Commands
  • Custom Commands

About the Music Bot

The music bot equipped into Tidal Bot is able to play musuc from a range of sources into a connected voice channel. Sources included YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, Mixer, and any direct link to a sound or video file. The music bot also has the ability to play Twitch and Mixer streams live to the voice channel. Commands for the music bot are shown below. As a bot commander, a user can ban someone from using music commands by using the command !togglemusic <username>.

About the Chat Bot

Tidal Bot also has a built in chat bot. Though, it is very basic and will only chat within a limited range of topics. Start of by saying "Hey Tidal Bot" in a text channel. The chat bot can be disabled by using the command !togglear and you can opt-in to be blacklisted from the chat bot by using the command !arblacklist. Also, there are some easter eggs with the chat bot that can be triggered by various messages (Try saying "What is life" and see what happens).


The bot is able to be configured to better fit the guild it's connected to. One of the most important configs for the bot is bot commander. Bot commanders have special privileges such as adding other commanders, toggling commands, and more (see Commands below). Bot commanders can be added by running the command !botcommander followed by pinging the user you would like to add (Ex: !botcommander @MiningMark48#6817). Please note that all server owners have full access to the bot's commands. The bot can also be configured to toggle commands. This means that commands can be disabled by a bot commander. This is done by doing the command !togglecommand followed by the name of the command you want to disable (Ex: !togglecommand ping). Repeating the command will re-enable the command that was previously disabled.

Entertainment and Utility Commands

Besides the music and chat bot, Tidal Bot also has a range of entertainment and utlity commands. Some of these commands include "prune" and "trivia". View the listing of the commands below.

Command Types

  • Normal Commands that can be used by everyone.
  • Bot Commander Commands that can only be used by people added as a bot commander, users with special bot permissions.
  • Music Commands that are for the music bot.


Below is a list of commands available for Tidal Bot.

Note: Table may be out-of-date.

Name Type Usage with key: ! Action